November 5, 2018 State Files Notice of Nolle Prosequi In CLEMENTE AGUIRRE-JARQUIN

Today (Nov 5) the State Attorney's Office filed a notice of Nolle Prosequi dropping the prosecution of CLEMENTE AGUIRRE-JARQUIN.

The filing was based upon new evidence that materially affects the credibility of a critical State witness. State Attorney Phil Archer made this decision after consulting with his senior attorneys assigned to the case and a thorough review of the available evidence.

Mr. Acher said, "While I believe there is sufficient evidence to present this case to a jury and determine the credibility of all the witnesses, I do not believe we can meet the additional requirement mandated by the Supreme Court, of a reasonable likelihood of success at trial."

While the State has serious concerns about the credibility of Mr. Aguirre-Jarquin's statement of facts regarding his participation in this incident, the State does not believe further incarceration of Mr. Aguirre-Jarquin is warranted or justified at this time. We appreciate the efforts of his attorney's in presenting this new evidence.

The State Attorney's Office will be meeting with the Seminole County Sheriff's Office over the coming weeks to review the evidence and determine if there are any investigative avenues that can be pursued, or any further action to be taken in this case.


Todd Brown

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