November 13, 2018 George Zimmerman Enters Plea in Misdemeanor Stalking Charge

Today (Nov 13) George Zimmerman entered a written plea of Nolo Contendre (No Contest) in Absentia to Stalking (M1). The plea was part of an agreement that included a 12 month term of probation and a ten (10) year court order prohibiting contact with the victim Dennis Warren, or any member of his family.

Prior to reaching this agreement, prosecutors met with Mr. Warren and law enforcement to discuss a possible pre-trial resolution. We place great weight on these opinions and this plea agreement represents their desire for justice, with conditions that seek to protect the community and prevent a future occurrence.

In a statement Assistant State Attorney Dave Whateley said, “The actions of the defendant in this case are troubling. It was important Mr. Zimmerman know this can’t happen again.” He added, “I expect him [Zimmerman] to comply with the imposed sanctions.”

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