April 5, 2018 - Notice of No Information in Nicholas Gordon Domestic Violence - Battery

A Notice of No Information has been filed in the matter of Nicholas GORDON (29) arrested March 10th, 2018 and charged with Battery - Domestic Violence (M-1) by the Seminole County Sheriff's Office.

Every criminal complaint that our office receives undergoes a careful and thorough review by experienced prosecutors to determine if they reasonably believe the alleged crimes can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt at trial. When that process finds the required evidence is not sufficient, prosecutors are ethically and legally obligated not to pursue prosecution of the defendant.

Prosecutors reviewed body camera footage, the 911 call, sworn statements and jail call recordings as part of this decision. Prosecutors also met with Laura LEAL, who under oath denied being struck or touched against her will by GORDON. These statements and LEAL's written letter sent to Judge Woodward, contradict her original statements made to law enforcement at the time of the incident. This effectively places in question the veracity of any potential future testimony that LEAL could offer at trial. With no independent witnesses to the incident, prosecutors do not have a good faith basis on which to proceed to trial.

GORDON was also charged with a violation of the conditions of his pretrial release on March 19th, 2018. That case remains open and under review, pending a filing decision.


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