June 12, 2019 - Seminole Grand Jury Issues Indictment in 1986 Cold Case Homicide

Yesterday (June 11), the Seminole County Grand Jury issued an indictment charging Danny Lynn EMITT (50), with First Degree Premeditated Murder Reclassified - Weapon (CF) and Burglary of a Dwelling with Assault or Battery Reclassified - Weapon (F1 PBL), in connection with the July 14, 1986 death of Eveline Aguilar (38), in her Winter Park apartment.

Aguilar's body was discovered by a friend who found the front door of her San Jose apartment slightly ajar. Aguilar had been brutally and repeatedly stabbed to death, with the medical examiner ruling it a homicide. As part of the crime scene investigation, deputies discovered that a glass pane had been removed from a window, allowing it to be unlocked. They also recovered palm prints from the interior window sill, and seminal fluid from the victim, but both remained unidentified until recently.

In 1986, EMITT was not identified as a suspect and the case eventually went cold. As part of a recent review, investigators subjected evidence recovered in 1986 to advanced DNA testing. The results were compared to DNA profiles within a national data base and positively matched to EMITT. The recovered palm print was also identified as EMITT's.

An arrest warrant was obtained by the Seminole County Sheriff's Office and EMITT was taken into custody in Knoxville, TN on May 22, 2019. He's being held there on No Bond pending extradition back to Seminole County.

The Grand Jury heard testimony from a Seminole County Criminal Investigator before returning with the indictment. EMITT could face the Death Penalty, however that decision is still under review.

EMITT will be Arraigned upon his return to Seminole County, however that date has not been set.


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