December 8, 2021 - Judge Grants Bond to Lakeisha MITCHELL Charged in Murder of Foster Child

Today (Dec 8), Circuit Judge Samuel Bookhardt III issued an order granting bond to Lakeisha MITCHELL (41), who is facing a First Degree Felony Murder charge in connection to the death of a foster child in her care Joy King-Castro (4), on August 23, 2021.
In a day long hearing that took place yesterday (Dec 7), MITCHELL's defense attorney argued for a reasonable pretrial bond, while the State argued for no bond given the heinous crime committed, the possibility of flight to avoid prosecution, and potential threat posed by MITCHELL's release.
In his order Judge Bookhardt wrote that the State had presented evidence to the Court that "the proof of [the defendant's] guilt is evident or the presumption is great", and that while Lakeisha MITCHELL is charged with First Degree Felony Murder punishable by life in prison, the Court has the discretion to grant or deny bail. Further that based on the evidence presented at the hearing, the Court would grant pretrial bond as follows:  Count  I, First Degree Felony Murder;$100,000; Count  II, Aggravated Child Abuse (Causing Great Bodily Harm) $25,000; Count  III,  Neglect of Child $5,000; and Count  IV, Child Abuse $5,000 - for a total bond amount of $135,000. The Defendant will be placed on GPS monitoring, 24-hour community supervision, and other restrictions.
In a statement after the order was issued, prosecutors expressed their concern and strongly disagreed with the decision saying that along with their law enforcement partners they would be "monitoring MITCHELL's supervision very carefully". Any violation of her pretrial release conditions could result in the revocation of MITCHELL's bond and her being held in custody until the completion of her trial.
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