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For immediate assistance, please call the Florida Domestic
Violence Hotline at 1-800-500-1119 or TTY (800) 621-4202
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Domestic Violence
Victim Assistance Program

Violence in the home is a tremendous burden that many children and families have to face every day and night in our community and nation. That is why the State Attorney’s Office established a domestic violence program in 1987 to assist male and female victims of domestic violence with services, programs, and referrals.

If you have been a victim of domestic violence, a trained domestic violence victim advocate will assist you through the criminal justice system. All victims of domestic violence cases are required to attend a two-hour domestic violence awareness seminar. The dates, times, and locations of these seminars vary from month to month. Please contact the State Attorney’s Office at the numbers listed below for information on the upcoming seminar in your area.

Adopt-A-Phone Program

Experience has proven that perpetrators of domestic violence or stalking will take advantage of a victim’s inaccessibility to a telephone. That is why the Brevard State Attorney’s Office and the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office have instituted Adopt-A-Phone Programs. It is our hope that 24-hour immediate accessibility by cellular telephones programmed for 911-only calls to local law enforcement, although not a guarantee against violence, will act as a deterrent to repeated acts of domestic violence or stalking. Through partnership with the community, local businesses, civic organizations or other concerned individuals, we can make a difference in the life of a victim.

The Adopt-A-Phone Program provides

  • 24-hour access to local law enforcement
  • Programmed cellular phones for dialing 911 only
  • Cellular phones free of charge to eligible victims
  • Protection for domestic violence and stalking victims

Criteria For Eligibility in the Adopt-A-Phone Program

  • Victim is a resident of Brevard or Seminole Counties
  • Victim is not living with offender
  • Victim is in unsafe residential status
  • Victim has no voluntary contact with offender
  • Victim has experienced past violence from offender
  • Victim has children who are, or may be involved in the violence
  • Victim has filed a criminal complaint with a Brevard or Seminole County Law Enforcement Agency
  • Victim has a Protection order (permanent or temporary) issued by the 18th Judicial Circuit Court
  • Perpetrator has a past history of violence
  • Perpetrator made threats of future violence

Please contact the following State Attorney's Office numbers for information on obtaining a 911 phone or to contact a Domestic Violence Victim Advocate

Brevard County (321) 617-7510
Seminole County (407) 665-6112

For more information on Domestic Violence
Injunctions for Protection (restraining orders)
Domestic Violence Prosecution Division
Where to Go for Help


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