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There are two attorneys assigned to Project Strikeback, one each county in the circuit. These domestic violence trial attorneys are responsible for prosecuting misdemeanor cases against defendants that have been identified by the Domestic Violence division as repeat offenders. Often these cases involve defendants that have reoffended while on probation for a domestic violence offense. The domestic violence trial attorney may also handle situations in which a defendant has several pending domestic violence cases, such as a battery followed by a violation of injunction or violation of condition of release. These Strikeback attorneys are also available to assist the misdemeanor trial divisions in preparing other domestic violence cases for trial.

In Brevard County, the ARRA Domestic Violence intake attorney is responsible for reviewing cases and filing charges in domestic violence and dating violence stalking cases. These cases often involve electronic communication such as e-mails and text messages and may require significant additional investigation and research. In addition this attorney is available to assist the misdemeanor division in the review and prosecution of stalking cases that are not categorized as domestic or dating violence.

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