Crime Prevention And Intervention Strategies

These are some of our proactive programs:

Operation Cease-Fire - Gun violence represents one of the greatest threats to the safety of our community and gun-wielding criminals need to be removed from our streets. To address this threat, in 2002 we formed Operation Cease-Fire, a partnership between my office, the United States Attorney’s Office, and local, state, and federal law enforcement where criminal cases involving illegal gun use are identified for federal prosecution. The goal of Operation Cease-Fire is simple: to create safer neighborhoods by reducing gun violence and by removing armed predators from our streets.

Neighborhood State Attorney Initiative - Initiated in 1997 and fully implemented in 1999, this initiative places prosecutor teams directly in the neighborhoods to work with the citizens, law enforcement, other agencies, and civic groups in developing and implementing crime prevention and quality of life strategies.

Drug-Free Calendar - A proactive substance abuse project where kids teach other kids about the benefits of a drug-free life. This project, open to all public and private school students in 4th through 8th grades, is modeled after a program started by Baltimore, Maryland District Attorney Sandra O'Connell.  We started our anti-drug calendar project in 1990. This project is funded through forfeited money seized by law enforcement from drug dealers.

Prosecution Alternatives for Youth (PAY) -  (Teen Court, Peer Court, Community Arbitration Program - These aggressive early intervention programs are designed to hold the juvenile offender accountable for their criminal acts, aid the victim and the community, and to reduce the likelihood of that juvenile reoffending in the future.

State Attorney Phil Archer serves on the Brevard County Take Stock in Children Leadership Council, a mentoring program pairing deserving 7th through 12th grade students with a mentor and providing 2 to 4 years of college or higher education scholarships. The students must remain in school, maintain a 2.5 grade point average, remain crime- and drug-free, and meet with the mentor for one hour a week.

Elder Services Unit - A specialized unit first created in October 2000 to address the specific needs of senior victims of crime.  Investigators and attorneys are specially trained and review all cases involving elder abuse and exploitation.  Provide support for nursing home investigations under Spot Check program. 

TRIAD - Services for Seniors in Brevard County  - A partnership of the State Attorney's Office, local law enforcement and other public and private organizations brought together in Brevard County to address issues and concerns of senior citizens.

TRIAD - Services for Seniors in Seminole County  - A partnership of the State Attorney's Office, local law enforcement and other public and private organizations brought together in Seminole County to address issues and concerns of senior citizens.

Early Intervention Strategies

  • Drug Court - the State Attorney's Office is a participant in the Drug Court Program where first-time drug offenders are provided substance abuse treatment.
  • Pretrial Intervention - a court alternative program for first-time offenders (other than drug offenders).

Adopt-A-Phone - Perpetrators of domestic violence or stalking will take advantage of a victim's inaccessibility to a telephone. This program gives victims cellular telephones programmed to make 911 emergency calls.

Worthless Check Diversion Program - This alternative offers the choice to first-time offenders of entering into a diversion agreement that requires payment of restitution in full, plus payment of the service charge to the victim, as well as a fee for the program. Some offenders are also required to attend an eight-hour course.  By offering this diversion alternative to an offender, victims receive restitution sooner.

Domestic Violence - The office provides a specialized unit to handle all domestic violence related cases.  Educational seminars are conducted for both victims and perpetrators in order to help prevent future conflicts.  Specially trained victim advocates provide information on resources available to victims and their families.

Speakers Bureau - Speakers from the office are available to speak on a variety of issues from the criminal justice system and on crime prevention strategies. 

Veteran Affairs - The office participates in many programs designed to assist veterans and the unique issues they confront both as victims and defendants.  Attorneys and staff assist the D.A.V. with the annual 'Stand Down' for homeless veterans by working to resolve minor criminal cases and answer other legal questions.  Other programs include a special court to handle cases for veterans with substance abuse and mental health issues.

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