2005 Seminole Grand Prize Essay Winner

A Bright Future

Kristine G. - 8th Grade - Rock Lake Middle School

Look at me, look into my eyes

When you locate my conscience I know you will find

I can abide any pressures brought on by this earth

Simply because I'm drug free and I know what that's worth.


I'm a teenager with ambition, with goals, hopes, and dreams

My life serves some purpose, with an elaborate scheme

Aimed towards success which I hope I can grasp

So my spirit's content, and I won't ever look back.

I'll always stay truthful to myself and my peers,

I will be relied on forever, throughout all the years.

I shall endeavor to be the very best I can be,

Not stopping 'til the end, this I guarantee.


Knowing that my future will be thrown at me fast,

I choose to work hard and remain unsurpassed.

This is my only opportunity to show my potential

I'll hold on, stay focused, this chance is essential.


Now look at yourself, concentrate, look harder.

Do you see a soul who is driven to reach farther?

Remember, your decisions affect you day by day,

If you want to be respected then drug free you should stay.


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