2003 Seminole Essay

The Future Holds Hope

Chelsea S. - 7th Grade - All Souls Catholic School

Your eyes now reopen eyelashes are torn,

The nights tossing and turnings leave you breathless and worn.

Life vivid with chances, life long and drug free,

Your solution's small sheds fit so imperfectly.

A lifetime of freedom, a flag flying free,

Of stargazing, trail-blazing, there's much more to see.

There's sunsets, and friendship, a silver-lined cloud,

There's Christmas, Thanksgiving, and rock music played loud.

With death you will miss out on the main joys of life,

Like Love's first kiss or maybe a new husband or wife.

There are many small things you will miss if you should depart,

Like dreams of the future- be true to your heart.

Step of out the darkness- walk into the Light.

Follow light of the daytime, not the perils of night.

Why would you be careless and throw a good life away?

For there will be no Angels blowing their horn come your judgment day.


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