2002 Seminole Essay

What Drug Free Life Means To Me

Angie - 8th Grade - Glenwood Lakes Middle School

Webster's Dictionary defines the word free as enjoying personal rights or liberty, as not in slavery.

As Americans we are able to have freedom of choice in how we run our lives, who we are friends with and where we live and work. Some of us make the wrong choice by allowing ourselves to become controlled by a substance known as Drugs. Drugs can take this freedom away.

Drugs can change the way a person thinks. Make you hurt the ones you love and love you. Drugs can keep you from doing your best and obtaining your goals. We can have the best of everything, education, health, family and friends, and one stupid decision, to take drugs, can take all that away.

By taking drugs we lose our ability to think clearly. This results in failing grades in school and possibly losing our job. This not only affects us, but as we get older, it could affect the family in which we are to provide for.

As we grow into young ladies and gentlemen, we are faced with more difficult decisions., One decision that should not be hard is whether or not to take drugs. We are FREE. Free to make our own decisions. Free to pick and keep our friends. Free to go to college and make something of ourselves as we grow into adulthood. What a stupid decision to let a thing called Drugs take that freedom away from us. So back to Webster's definition: Free is being able to enjoy your personal rights or liberty, as not in slavery. I will be free, free from drugs and free to LIVE.


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