Diversion Programs

The Florida Legislature has long recognized the need to identify and divert some offenders to specialized programs. Florida Statutes created a cooperative effort between State Attorneys' Offices, the Department of Corrections, Public Defenders' Offices, and the Courts to divert appropriate first-time offenders to some of these programs.

One such program is the felony Pretrial Intervention Program where the individual is placed under the supervision of the Department of Corrections to complete requirements such as payment of restitution, anger management counseling, community service, drug treatment, etc.

Additionally, there is a separate felony Drug Court Program that is focused on individuals who commit drug use offenses. By statute, all first-time felony drug possession offenders are eligible for this program. These individuals are monitored by the court and the Department of Corrections as they address their addiction. This program may include commitment of the offender to a residential drug treatment facility, as well as out-patient treatment.

This office also has a worthless check diversion program for first-time worthless check offenders.

Also, there are similar misdemeanor diversion programs through County Court that offer alternative resolutions to misdemeanor cases, such as mediation and the Pretrial Diversion Program.

In addition, there are several juvenile diversion and intervention programs that offer alternative resolutions to juvenile cases, such as Teen Court, Peer Court, and Community Arbitration.

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