Community Arbitration Program

The Community Arbitration Program (CAP) is for second- or third-time non-violent juvenile offenders who have identifiable service needs, and is administered in Brevard County by the State Attorney's Office. In Seminole County, a program designed for similar type offenders is administered by Seminole County government. Trained volunteer arbitrators meet with juvenile defendants and their families to assign appropriate sanctions for the youth's criminal actions. Staff monitor participating youth through the completion of the program. Upon completion, the charges against the youth are formally no filed. This represents a cost savings to the taxpayer and saves valuable court time to address more serious juvenile offenders. At the same time, the issues and concerns of the victim are addressed, including restitution and holding the offender accountable for his/her wrongful acts.

For more information on the Brevard County Community Arbitration Program, call (321) 617-7294. For more information on the Seminole County program, call (407) 665-4670.

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