Duties and Responsibilities

The role of the State Attorney's Office is to protect the innocent, to prosecute crimes, and to promote the safety and well-being of the public, while seeking out justice. Article V, Florida Constitution, and  Section 27, Florida Statutes, along with various other statutes, set out the authority of the State Attorney to accomplish these goals.

As the representative of the State of Florida in litigation in Circuit and County Courts in Brevard and Seminole Counties, this office is responsible for the screening and prosecution of criminal cases from criminal traffic charges up to first degree murder. We also pursue specific civil cases such as, but not limited to, involuntary commitment of sexual predators, bond validation proceedings, consumer issues, and environmental law.

Based upon legislation initially conceived and drafted by State Attorney Norm Wolfinger, the Florida Legislature passed a bill which became law on July 1, 1999, authorizing State Attorneys to allocate resources toward crime prevention under Florida Statute 960.001. This new law afforded State Attorney Wolfinger the opportunity to realize his long-term vision of working together with citizens, law enforcement, and other agencies and civic groups in identifying crime prevention and quality of life strategies. Crime prevention achieved through working in partnership with residents is a core focus of our office.

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