State Attorney, 18thJudicial Circuit’s

Mission, Vision, Values


To pursue vigorous and fair prosecution of criminal cases, with a commitment to serve as an advocate for the rights of all victims, and promote the safety and well-being of the public.



To excel and be acknowledged as a leader in providing quality prosecution, exceptional service to victims, and for our work in partnership with the community in providing early intervention and preventive education programs for juveniles, consistent with the safety and well-being of the public.



We are dedicated to:
L eading the way toward a productive partnership with the community and other agencies to prevent and suppress crime.
E stablishing honesty and integrity in fulfilling the responsibilities of this office.
A fair and objective judicial process for all persons.
D efending the rights of victims and witnesses with concern, compassion, and respect for their dignity.
E ffective communication with all involved in the criminal justice system.
R ecognizing our employees as our most valuable asset by empowering them individually and as a team.
S haring the belief that the best opportunity we have to steer a person away from crime is in their youth.
H ighly responsible utilization of public resources.
I nsuring professional and effective representation of the people.
P ride in excellence.


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