Felony Trial Division

All felony crimes are prosecuted in the Circuit Court. Cases received by the State Attorney's Office from law enforcement are initially reviewed by the Felony Intake Division of the State Attorney's Office and, if filed on and not resolved through early case resolution, are then assigned to a felony trial division.

A felony division is made up of a group of experienced trial attorneys. Within each felony division there is a Division Chief who is primarily responsible for the prosecution of murder cases and other violent or complex cases; a lead attorney who is primarily responsible for repeat felony offender and prison release reoffender cases, and other violent or complex felony cases; an attorney who is responsible for sex crimes and child abuse cases; and attorneys who handle all other violent and non-violent types of felony cases. Each felony division has a victim advocate who works with the felony attorneys. This victim advocate assists victims through the criminal justice process and provides other services or referrals to crime victims. There is also a State Attorney's Office Investigator assigned to each division to assist in case followup investigations.

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