Early Case Resolution

The Early Resolution Plea (ERP) unit within the Felony Intake Division is responsible for handling most felony cases after charges have been filed. The Unit identifies and resolves appropriate cases early in the process rather than having all felony cases set on a trial docket.

This unit reviews files that may be a potential early plea, contacts the victims and arresting officers in these cases, and prepares plea offers. A defendant who wishes to plead guilty at Early Resolution may do so providing she/he is willing to accept the plea offer tendered by the State, or plead directly to the court without a negotiated plea. The majority of cases resolved at Early Resolution deal with controlled substances, theft, worthless checks, simple burglaries or traffic offenses, with the defendant receiving probation or a county jail sentence. Other cases may be identified as eligible for and referred to the Pretrial Intervention program or to Drug Court. Cases that are not resolved at the time of arraignment are placed on a felony trial docket.

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