Help Support Crime Victims

by Phil Archer, State Attorney

If you have ever been a victim of a crime, you know that what you have to go through as a victim-witness can be as traumatic as the crime itself. To eliminate this second victimization—or at least reduce it as much as possible—is the mission of the State Attorney’s victim witness program. Volunteer citizen-partners, along with the State Attorney’s full time staff of victim/witness advocates, provide an essential ingredient to the fulfillment of this mission. Whether these volunteers are assisting relatives of victims in a homicide case, victims in a home invasion robbery case, or a domestic violence case, the people being helped know that they are not having to "battle the system" alone.

Florida is one of the most progressive states in legislation (and Constitutional provisions) protective of victims’ rights. And, Brevard County is served by a victim/witness comprehensive program operated by the State Attorney that has won first place in nationwide recognitionas the best state-level program in the United States. Without their citizen-partners, the State Attorney’s paid staff of victim/witness advocates could not provide the quality of service required. But, the real reward is to be a part of the relief felt by victims who are not left alone to cope with the criminal justice system.

Volunteer Pike Abel receiving the Volunteer Appreciation Award from Retired State Attorney Norm Wolfinger.

Whether a crime victim is a child, middle-aged, or elderly person, on the witness seat in court or in a defense deposition, it is an ordeal of elevated blood pressure, of anticipated unpleasantries, and of confusion. The victim-witness advocate has the opportunity to prepare the victim ahead of time to explain how the process works and to provide the support that makes this experience less traumatic. Knowing there is someone with you who is primarily concerned with your comfort and well-being is equally important. That is why a victim-witness advocate has a very important role to play in the criminal justice system, and why a volunteer is willing to donate time to a need that can only be filled by people who have compassion for their fellow citizens.

The Office of the State Attorney continuously considers applications from citizens who wish to volunteer. Volunteer opportunities are contingent upon the availability, experience, and education of the person wishing to participate as a Citizen Volunteer.

There are a wide variety of activities in which a volunteer may participate; be it office administrative tasks, support to crime victims, coordinating with law enforcement agencies, assisting with our crime prevention and intervention programs, or other activities.

All volunteers must complete a satisfactory background investigation. 

Contact our Personnel Division at (321) 617-7510 in Brevard or (407) 665-6000 in Seminole if you would like more information.

How to Apply:

Office of the State Attorney volunteer applications can be printed and mailed to: Office of the State Attorney, Attention: Human Resources,  2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Building D, Viera, Florida, 32940.

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