2004 Seminole Essay

A Sincere Vow

Amanda R. - 8th Grade - Rock Lake Middle School

I vow that I will be drug free for the rest of my days,
I want to be successful in more than just one way.
I must strive to be a role model for all,
I will be proud and will not fall.

How can this come true if I am always high?
I will only become a fool no matter how hard I try.
I will stay pure and not harm my body
with destructive things called drugs.
It might lead to the becoming of thief or even a thug.

No, these will not be in my future plans,
I will not risk not having a second chance.
Even though I may be tempted I will stick to my word.
There are many testimonies from drug dealers that I have heard.

I do not want to go through the hard times they've endured,
And with the decision I've made I'm very sure.
I don't want to be like a ticking life bomb
counting down until I explode,
I want to live a happy life and travel further down Life's road.

How can I follow my dreams or even touch the sky?
I want to be able to do anything if I just try.
Do you want to be a person who is always depressed?
Do you want to have to deal with lots of stress?

People will walk all over you until you're all flat,
And then you will be used as nothing but a doormat.
You will regret every wrong doing that you've ever done.
I will choose not to be this way for my battle is already won.

I will learn all that I can learn to be all that I can be,
And this is my vow to stay drug free.


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