2001 Seminole Essay

Ten Young Friends
Molly - 8th Grade - All Souls Catholic School

Ten young friends
All in a line
One smoked cigarettes
Then there were nine

Nine young friends
Out on dates
One drank beer and totaled his car
Then there were eight

Eight young friends
(They all hoped someday
to visit heaven)
One sniffed white out
Then there were seven

Seven young friends
Full of harmless tricks
One smoked marijuana
Then there were six

Six young friends
Happy to be alive
One snorted cocaine
Then there were five

Five young friends
Laughing by the kitchen door
One tried ecstasy
Then there were four

Four young friends
Happy as could be
One tried uppers
Then there were three

Three young friends
Feeling quite blue
One overdosed on painkillers
Then there were two

Two young friends
Sitting in the sun
One experimented with LSD
Then there was one

One young friend
Left all alone
He chose a drug-free life
And his star shone.


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