2007 Seminole Grand Prize Essay Winner



"Come on, do it" they try to persuade
Not even noticing their lives beginning to fade

Where once good and sensible children stood
Now standing are reckless teenagers lost for good

Unaware of the repercussions this one action would make
Just a shot of heroin, and their life it would take

Trying to fit in or be cool
But all it good them, was acting like a fool

They will not turn out the people they wished to become
Instead, ending up living poor in a slum

A slave to an addiction, that they cannot set free
Is this how it always has to be?

The answer quite simply, is no
You, have the power to choose where you go

You can be an actor, athlete or writer
Just learn to become a peer pressure fighter

If you want to live up to your goals and your dreams
Success is much easier than it seems

Just learn to say no, to the things that are wrong
And that is when character comes along

So think the next time you may be asked to smoke pot
That the choice you chose now will affect you a lot

Dead, Alive? Failure, Fame?
Now doing drugs seems pretty lame

Your tomorrow, depends on today
And if you make the right choices you can not dismay


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