March 18, 2011 State Drops Charges Against Frank Carter

State Attorney Drops
Charges In Frank Carter Case

A pre-trial ruling this week which prohibits the state from using “similar fact” evidence against former Melbourne Police Officer Frank Carter has resulted in a decision by the State Attorney’s Office to drop the remaining charges against Carter.

“The ruling precludes the State of Florida from introducing what we believed showed two additional instances of writing a false citation or citations in the case against the former officer under prosecution for official misconduct and falsifying records. This ruling has prompted the state attorney’s office to drop the charges now pending in Brevard Circuit Court,” said Assistant State Attorney Tom Hastings.

Hastings explained that two-thirds of the evidence showing Carter’s motive and intent would not be allowed at trial and the jury would not have the benefit of the full picture by way of the evidence the state anticipated would be admissible.

The Court has been notified of the State’s action in this case and the document will be recorded next week.

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