March 26, 2007 "Rap Against Violence" Winners Head for the Recording Studio

The four members of "IBX," one of the winning groups in State Attorney Norm Wolfinger’s "Rap Against Violence" contest, will climb into a limousine Friday in front of Lake Mary High School at 11:30 a.m. enroute to one of their prizes, a recording session in a professional studio.

The four young men—Raphael Polk, Hector Salazar, Walter Walker II, and Marion Ponce—will record their song, "My Conscience," at Big Shot Studios in Altamonte Springs. They will arrive at the studio at 12 noon and begin a six hour recording session. (School officials have said they plan a celebratory send off for the students and that media who wish to be present are welcome.)

Their song will subsequently be professionally mixed and become part of the Rap Against Violence, Vol. 2, DND (Develop Not Destroy) CD that will be distributed across a five-county area with 10 winning songs. Other partners in the violence prevention program initiated by State Attorney Norm Wolfinger include: JAMZ 102, CrimeLine, the Orange County State Attorney’s Office, the Middle District of Florida U.S. Attorney’s Office, Brighthouse Networks, and the sheriff’s offices of Seminole, Brevard, Osceola and Orange County. Other sponsors are Project Safe Neighborhoods.

The Rap contest is the gun violence preventive arm of Operation Cease-Fire, Wolfinger’s effort in gun crime prevention. Operation Cease-Fire focuses on speedy prosecution in both the federal and state systems of armed criminals. At the same time his prosecutors were convicting 50 violent firearms defendants, he sought a way to present a positive message designed to change attitudes about gun crimes among the younger generations.

"I salute these talented young artists and deeply appreciate the contribution they are making to their community and their generation. They are our hope for a peaceful tomorrow," Wolfinger said.

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