April 20, 2012 State Attorney Norman R. Wolfinger Announces He Will Not Seek Re-election.




            State Attorney Norman R. Wolfinger announced today that he would not be seeking re-election to the post which he has held for the past 27 years. Wolfinger, 66, added it has been a privilege to be able to spend a career where the truth and justice is what matters. 


            “To go into the courtroom and fight for others, to help protect your community and help the victims of crime move forward with their lives is a fantastic reward,” said Wolfinger. Early in his current term, he made the decision not to run again reluctantly in one sense, but joyfully when he contemplated the time it would give him with his grandchildren and family. 


            He said he feels he has followed a lesson learned from his mother of always leaving a place in better shape than that which he found it.  


            “There is a tremendous team in place here, actually one of the most experienced staffs in the state, and they are extremely dedicated to justice. In addition to the seasoned veterans, there are young attorneys who have such potential and such energy that they will be using to serve this community in the years to come. And it’s not just the attorneys who shine. We have a support staff of highly competent and professional members who have given their all for the citizens of this county and state. I couldn’t be prouder of them,” said Wolfinger. 


            “It has been an honor to hold this post, and I thank the people of Brevard and Seminole counties for the privilege they have granted me,” said Wolfinger. 


            Wolfinger said he intends to work hard, serve others, and appreciate and enjoy each and every day left in his term.








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