January 15, 2013 Brevard County Grand Jury Issues First-Degree Premeditgated Murder Indictment


Brevard County Grand Jury Issues

First-Degree Premeditated Murder Indictment


The Brevard County Grand Jury issued a first-degree premeditated murder indictment Tuesday against Amanda Blair, 24, Mims, for the Dec. 12 death of 62-year-old Benjamin Wojenski, Titusville. Wojenski’s body was discovered in his home at 2525 Cherrywood Lane.


Blair was also indicted on robbery. Wojenski’s car, a flat-screen television, computer, and two telephones were taken from the home. Blair was arrested in Flagler County in Wojenski’s car after Titusville Police put out an alert for the vehicle.


During Tuesday’s presentation of the case, the grand jury heard testimony from the Brevard County Medical Examiner, two Titusville detectives, and three lay people. Blair is scheduled for an arraignment on the charges on Wednesday at the Brevard County Jail where she has been held since her arrest, said Assistant State Attorney Michael Hunt who presented the case to the grand jury.


Lynne Bumpus-Hooper
Research and Communications Assistant for State Attorney Phil Archer

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