August 26, 2014 Happy 18thBirthday, Brevard County Teen Court! (Do you turn into an Adult Court Now?)


Happy 18thBirthday, Brevard County Teen Court!

(Do you turn into an Adult Court Now?)                                                                                              


            Happily, the answer to the silly question above is absolutely NOT!


            Brevard County Teen Court kicks into action for the coming school year tonight with birthday cake and a couple of the courts veteran members gathering to celebrate past successes and urge the newest members to take the program to new heights.


            Court members with more than 100 community service hours will also be recognized by State Attorney Phil Archer with presentations as will the seven-member team who won the Teen Court Challenge at a regional meeting this summer.


            Teen Court has a two-fold purpose.  It allows teenage first-time offenders an opportunity to have certain, non-violent misdemeanor crimes resolved by completing sanctions assigned by a court of their peers, resulting in the state dropping the charges. Additionally, the court volunteers get to experience and learn about the legal system which can be especially helpful for those considering a legal profession.


            Also, the volunteers can use their community service hours in their Bright Futures scholarship qualifying.


            Tonight’s events are open to parents and prospective volunteers also, said Vanessa Guzman-Santiago, teen court coordinator. Circuit Court Judge Robert Berger will address the gathering as will Brevard Sheriff’s Major Bruce Barnett. State Attorney’s Office Executive Director Tyler Sirois, a former Teen Court member himself, will join the celebration.


            During 2012, a total of 235 cases were referred to Teen Court out of the 2,000 plus juvenile offenders the office prosecuted. Offenders are screened by staff and must admit to their guilt before they can be offered the Teen Court option.




(Note to Editors and Reporters: The program begins at 5:30 in the Viera Courthouse in Courtroom 4-D. Please let me know if you would like to attend and I will make sure the security guards are aware of your status.)



Lynne Bumpus-Hooper
Research and Communications Assistant for State Attorney Phil Archer

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