February 5, 2016 Noah Walls Charged as Adult in Death of Child

For Immediate Release—Feb. 5, 2016

Noah Walls Charged as Adult in

Death of Child


The State Attorney’s Office filed an information today charging Noah Walls, 15, as an adult in the second-degree murder of Riley Martin, his 21-month-old sister.


Walls was taken into custody on Jan. 11 and has been held in the Juvenile Detention Center since then. With the filing of the adult charges, he will be transferred to the Brevard County Detention Center, the adult facility.


State Attorney Phil Archer issued a statement saying that this case is an example of how legislation pending now in Tallahassee is needed.


“This is a tragic case of a juvenile caught up in a terrible, horrible act. Investigators have informed us of his deep remorse. But in many ways, our hands are tied. If we prosecute him as a juvenile, the state would only have control for about three more years of his life. By going forward with him as an adult, we can push for a sentence that allows us greater latitude in protecting our community,” Archer said.


The bill he referenced would allow prosecutors to pursue “blended” sentencing, offering secure juvenile detention sanctions followed by adult probationary periods where the individual is closely monitored to see if they pose a risk to the community.


Archer said that, additionally, the seriousness of the offense warranted moving the case to the adult system.

Lynne Bumpus-Hooper
Research and Communications Assistant for State Attorney Phil Archer
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