April 13, 2016 State Attorney Phil Archer Names Top Prosecutor, Victim Advocates, And Law Enforcement During Annual Victims’ Rights Event


State Attorney Phil Archer Names Top Prosecutor, Victim Advocates,

And Law Enforcement During Annual Victims’ Rights Event


State Attorney Phil Archer honored the victims of crime and renewed the vow of the criminal justice community to “Serve Victims, Build Trust, and Restore Hope” by naming leaders in the effort in Seminole County today (April 13, 2016).


The Hugh E. Thomas Jr. Officer of the Year Award went to Investigator Eric Phillips with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office. Phillips, who works in the Crimes Against Children unit, has a diligence and determination that surpasses most others, Archer said. Nominators told of cases where he maintained contact with the victims for years until the defendant could be located and prosecuted for his crimes. He showed victims the criminal justice system worked no matter their status.


State Attorney’s Office Victim Advocate Angela Antoniou was selected as the Advocate of the Year for 2016 based on years of service to the victims the state works with and her tireless compassion for them. She was also praised for leading in teaching others how to pack their days with service. The Norman R. Wolfinger Attorney of the Year award went to Assistant State Attorney Gino Feliciani, chief of the child abuse and sex crimes unit. He was cited for his contributions across the board to the entire team of law enforcement, medical, and psychological experts who work in the areas of child and sex abuse and for his participation and creation of training opportunities for those professionals. Archer spoke of how productive criminal justice efforts are in the county because of the cooperativeness from both law enforcement and prosecutors like Gino who remain open and receptive, all for the common good of public safety.


Recognition went to Kids House Child Protection Team Case Coordinator Jessica Lopez as she was named the recipient of the Outstanding Service Award for an external agency. The same award but for a state attorney’s office member went to Angelia George, a lead secretary in one of the trial divisions who is a tower of efficiency. The Victim Advocate of the Year Award for the state’s partnering agencies went to Court Advocate Brendan Skorepa from the Safehouse of Seminole. Skorepa was cited for his ability in imparting “life changing skills” to the victims of domestic violence.


Archer commended the winners and congratulated the crowd of 100-plus attendees at the Longwood Community Building for their on-going efforts on behalf of public safety.

Pictured left to right are: State Attorney Phil Archer; Assistant State Attorney Gino Feliciani; Jessica Lopez, Child Protection Team Case Coordinator for Kids House; Angela Antoniou, State Attorney’s Office Victim Advocate; Angelia George, State Attorney’s Office; Seminole County Sheriff’s Investigator Eric Phillips; and Safehouse of Seminole Court Advocate Brendan Skorepa.


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