April 5, 2019 - Court Denies Allen CASHE Request to Withdraw Plea

Today (Apr 5) Judge John Galluzzo denied Allen CASHE's request to withdraw his guilty plea entered in the March 27, 2017 murders of Latina Herring and Branden Christian, and the attempted murders of Bertis Herring, Brendan Christian, Lazaro Paredes, and Rakeya Jackson.

CASHE (33) plead guilty to the murders on January 16, 2019 and was sentenced to Life in the Department of Corrections for two (2) counts of First Degree Premeditated Murder (CF), four (4) counts of Attempted First Degree Premeditated Murder (LF), and one (1) count of Attempted First Degree Murder (LF).

Attorneys for CASHE offered to plea to all counts in exchange for the State withdrawing its intent to pursue the death penalty. Prosecutors conferred with the victims, Herring family members, and our law enforcement partners to obtain their input prior to accepting the plea. The agreement also avoided the necessity of having Latina Herring's 9 year old son testify at trial.

Today's ruling returns CASHE to the Department of Corrections where he will serve out the remainder of his life sentence without the possibility of parole.

In a statement State Attorney Phil Archer said, "I'm deeply saddened this hearing has caused the survivors and victim's families to again relive the heartbreaking loss of their loved ones and trauma of that day." He then added, "However knowing that Allen Cashe will face every remaining day of his natural life in prison, will help deliver justice on behalf of the Herring family, and all of the surviving victims."

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