October 29, 2007 State Attorney's Office Tackles Community Improvement on "Make a Difference Day,"

The State Attorney's office will be tackling a home improvement project in Titusville on national "Make A Difference Day" this Saturday.

Wolfinger's office is joining with Titusville Police Department and Fire Department and city workers in a challenge to make the biggest difference in a neighborhood home. The homes were selected by the city's Neighborhood Services Department based on the homeowners' ability to maintain the home by themselves and additional criteria.

The gauntlet has been thrown down by city workers who challenge the other three agencies to the "paint-off."

The playful challenge, which has the agencies competing to see who can paint-up and fix-up their assigned dwelling the best, has its roots in the national challenge to neighbors to help neighbors. "Make a Difference Day" is a nationally designated day for volunteers to work together on community-based projects.

Each of the four agencies in Titusville has a home that they will be painting, cleaning, and landscaping. Several area businesses are donating supplies as well as the volunteers. A judge from Color Wheel, the donator of the paint, will decide which agency did the best job with their home.

The State Attorney's Office will be working on a house on Kennelworth Street, and the other three agencies will be working on homes on Gibson Street. All of the homes are owned by seniors with health problems or other issues limiting their ability to perform the chores.

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