June 21, 2019 - Umme FERDOUSY Acquitted for Abuse of Elderly In-Laws

After a three day trial, a Brevard County Jury found UMME FERDOUSY (38) Not Guilty of Aggravated Assault upon a Person 65 Years or Older (F2) and Aggravated Battery Upon a Person 65 Years or Older (F1) in connection with incidents involving her elderly mother and father in-law.

FERDOUSY was arrested on January 30, after Melbourne Police investigated reports she had abused her live-in elderly mother and father in-law. FERDOUSY was charged with Aggravated Battery and Assault Upon a Person 65 years of age or older, after reportedly threatening and using a knife to stop her mother in-law from getting food.

Assistant State Attorney Kathryn Speicher argued the case before the Court and presented evidence to the Jury that FERDOUSY had committed the crimes. Testimony of the victims was compelling but required the use of a translator as they only spoke Bengali. Ultimately the Jury didn’t find sufficient evidence of guilt and acquitted FERDOUSY.

In a statement after the verdict was rendered Speicher said, “I appreciate the hard work of the jury in carefully considering all of the evidence in this case.” She also added, “We always fight hard for victims, but sometimes the jury doesn’t agree. It’s a difficult job and I have the utmost respect for their decision.”

FERDOUSY was released from custody and all previously imposed sanctions were lifted.-


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