January 29, 2020 - Sara PERRY Enters Plea in 2019 Animal Cruelty Case

Yesterday (Jan 28), Sara PERRY (29) entered a plea to one count of Cruelty to Animals, Death, Pain or Suffering (F3) and was sentenced to 36 months of supervised probation, 100 hours of community service, along with court costs and other fees totaling $1737. During her probation Ms. PERRY will not be allowed to own or care for animals, along with all of the standard conditions of probation. In addition, her community service cannot be performed at any facility that cares for children or animals.

PERRY was arrested August 22, 2019, after attempting to surrender a malnurished dog to a Humane Society animal shelter. The dog was refused by the shelter citing they were full. When PERRY left the facility, she was recorded on video placing the dog into the trunk of her passenger car. The Brevard County Sheriff's Office later located PERRY and the dog at her home where she was arrested and charged with two counts of Animal Cruelty.

Our attorneys work hard to aggressively prosecute these cases, but that process also includes a careful consideration of all the evidence, including information that may mitigate the initial reported actions of a defendant.

In this instance it was learned that PERRY is a single mother attempting to care for her young children and a dog, after her husband moved out of the family home. In a statement to law enforcement, PERRY said she didn’t have enough money to feed both her children and provide the proper care for the dog. It was the reason she went to the shelter for help.

As for the issue surrounding the placement of the dog in the car’s truck, PERRY stated that the trunk was open to the passenger compartment via a fold down portion of the rear seat, allowing the dog to keep its head in the passenger area and AC to reach the trunk.

When seeking any resolution, we strive to provide accountability and corrective sanctions for the offender, while setting conditions that seek to protect the community and prevent any future occurrence. PERRY has no prior criminal history and is solely responsible for the care of her minor children. We do not believe that seeking incarceration, and removing PERRY from the home, was warranted or appropriate in this instance.

While the malnutrition of the dog was a terrible occurrence, fortunately with the proper care and attention provided by Brevard County Animal Services, there’s been a full recovery. Even so, PERRY has accepted responsibility for her actions with this plea and sanctions. Should PERRY fail to comply with any of the conditions of her probation, she would face additional penalties or sanctions.

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