May 12, 2008 Seminole County Grand Jury Issues Reports on Two Cases

The Seminole County Grand Jury issued a No True Bill concerning the February 24, 2008 death of Ryan Realford, and, in a separate case, indicted four people in the Feb. 29, 2008, death of Sam Stiverson.

Realford, 17, was shot to death by a homeowner in Altamonte Springs who was awakened by his step daughter who feared someone was attempting to break into the home. By issuing the No True Bill, the Grand Jury found that there was not a prosecutable case in Realford's death. They arrived at that decision after hearing from five witnesses.

In the second case, the grand jury issued four indictments including first-degree premeditated murder against four defendants who included: Shaun Alexander Moxey, 27; Leverne Wilton Washington, 18; Nelson Flores, 18; Juan-Enrique Romero, 16. The additional three charges against the four men are burglary of a dwelling with a battery, attempted robbery with a deadly weapon, and conspiracy to commit robbery with a deadly weapon.

All of four are in custody. The Grand Jury heard testimony Tuesday from a Longwood Police Detective.

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