February 16, 2022 - Statement on the DUI Prosecution of Suzanna NORRIS in the Death of Passion Lucas

We are deeply saddened at the tragic death of Ms. Passion Lucas, and the terrible loss suffered by her children, family, and friends. Their grieving and anger at the void left by her passing is understandable, and inconsolable. 
Our responsibility is to hold Suzanna NORRIS accountable and aggressively prosecute this case in an effort to obtain justice on behalf Passion Lucas and her family. As a result we have formally charged Ms. NORRIS with one (1) count of Driving Under the Influence (M2). 
While we are sympathetic to calls for additional charges, the State is legally and ethically obligated to only file those offenses that prosecutors reasonably believe, based upon all of the available evidence, can be proven beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt at trial. 
In an effort to address concerns and provide transparency, we are releasing the detailed accident reconstruction report of Florida Forensic Engineering Inc. After an exhaustive examination of all of the available evidence related to the scene, the vehicle, and the actions of both Ms. Lucas and Ms. NORRIS, the report concluded that the "accident [was] unavoidable by the [vehicle] driver. The pedestrian created the hazard by walking in the vehicular way."
Unfortunately, these findings provide a direct and reasonable defense to any charge of negligent homicide. Further, there is no independent physical evidence or witness testimony to prove the offense of hit and run at trial. A defendant's statements, regardless of their validity, cannot be the sole evidence of guilt to support a criminal prosecution.
In an effort to avoid the possibility of adversely impacting the ongoing criminal prosecution of Suzanna NORRIS, our office will not be offering further comment while the case remains active.
Todd Brown
Media Information &
(321) 617-7310
Office of the State Attorney
18th Judicial Circuit
2725 Judge Fran Jamieson
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Viera, Fl. 32940

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