January 11, 2023 - Juan BRAVO-TORRES Enters Guilty Plea to Premeditated Murder

Today we are announcing a negotiated resolution in the case of Juan BRAVO-TORRES, indicted for the First-Degree Premeditated Murder (CF) of Eva Bravo-Herrera (3), and the Attempted First-Degree Premeditated Murder (F1) of Alina Bravo-Herrera (12), at his home on Highland Street in Longwood on July 21, 2022.

This afternoon Juan BRAVO-TORRES entered a plea of guilty to First-Degree Premeditated Murder, and Attempted First-Degree Premeditated Murder before Circuit Judge Melissa Souto. Judge Souto accepted the plea and adjudicated BRAVO-TORRES guilty on both counts and sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility of parole, and 30 years in prison respectively.

While preparing the case for trial, attorneys for BRAVO-TORRES contacted prosecutors with an offer to enter a guilty plea to First-Degree Murder, in exchange for the State waiving the death penalty and accepting a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. Prosecutors discussed the offer with Nereida Herrera-Martinez, the mother of surviving victim Alina Bravo-Herrera. She expressed the incredible difficulty the family has had in attempting to cope with the tragic loss of Eva, and her concerns over the emotional impact and psychological trauma on her daughter if asked to testify in the case. It was her and Alina’s great desire that the State accept the plea offer and not continue to seek the death penalty.

As the sole eyewitness in a capital murder trial, Alina’s testimony was unavoidable should the State continue to pursue the death penalty. With no certainty of outcome, asking Alina to relive the facts of that horrible day seemed too great a burden for a 12-year-old child and prosecutors agreed to accept the plea offer.

In a statement State Attorney Archer said “We believe that Juan BRAVO-TORRES’ horrific, calculated, and premeditated actions in the killing of Eva Bravo Herrera are deserving of asking a jury to impose the death penalty. However, in reaching this difficult decision we placed great weight on the desire of the mother to consider the potential trauma a trial would impose on her daughter. Our law enforcement partners supported this resolution and as a result my office has filed its intent to waive the death penalty in exchange for a guilty plea and life sentence. However, we will vigorously contest any effort to parole, pardon or release BRAVO-TORRES prior to his death in state prison, should it ever arise.”


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