February 22, 2010 Brevard Grand Jury Indicts In 2004 Melbourne Case

The Brevard County Grand Jury returned an indictment Feb. 17 charging Branden Hutchison, 25, with Second-Degree Murder charged as a life felony for his role in the 2004 stabbing of Raymond Marcarelli which led to Marcarelli's death in July of 2008.

Marcarelli, who was 54 years old when he died, was neurologically impaired until his death because of massive blood loss from the 2004 stabbing. Hutchison was convicted in 2007 of attempted second degree murder and sentenced to ten years in the state Department of Corrections where he remains.

"The evidence is that the delayed death was attributable to injuries received on March 17, 2004 which was the basis for us to present the case to the grand jury," said Assistant State Attorney Michael Hunt.

The grand jury heard testimony from Brevard County Medical Examiner Dr. Sajid Qaiser and from Detective Rory Nelson, Melbourne Police Department, before returning the charge.

Hutchison is currently being held at Hardee Correctional Institution and will be returned to Brevard County to face the new charges, Hunt said.

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